sobota 28. března 2009

10 let home page Google v čtyřminutovém klipu

Už jsme tu měli 10 let Google v dvouminutovém videoklipu a 10 let Google na časové ose, ani deset let vývoje home page Google v čtyřminutovém klipu z dílny španělské vás určitě nebude nudit:

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Petra Cross řekl(a)...

This is awesome!!! I was part of the search team for the past few years, and seeing this video almost brought tears into my eyes. There is an enormous effort behind every little UI change and feature and I am very proud to see what this group of smart and determined people was able to achieve and the impact on the world it had. I think that Google Search is the one tool I can not imagine my online existence without.